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Our nation wide distribution network make you receive reliable and fast service . we take pride in providing our costumers with the best price. As a reputed ship chandler in indonesia. We supply a complete stock of fresh Provisions and we also offer some spesiality foods. We also supply Cabin, Deck, Engine, Safety Equipment and we also supply souvenir and entertainment device. we put all your needs ahead the rest when resupplying and we make sure you receive only the best and freshest products. We can supply at all hours and we are avaible every day of the month including holidays.

The Last of us

Our ship waste removal services provides trash, foreign garbage and scrap removal by launch and trash and foreign garbage by truck. Foreign garbage is all food waste, associated food packing material, including plastic food wrappers, beverage cans and containers (i.e., any item contaminated by food). Trash including cardboard, packing material, ash, and general refuse that is generated by normal ship operations. It include dunnage, lashing or other items generated in the course of the ship's cargo. Oil waste includes oily rags, wipers, drained filters and absorbent.

The Last of us

We have years of experience and access to all major markets. An extensive network and track record with the major providers enable us to compete for the best possible price. Our experience with brokering services has given us unmatched expertise in Indoensia and East Kalimantan We are happy to serve exclusively as a broker, finding providers and negotiating the best price. Or we can charge of the entire process of managing your needs and handing the required products, all the practicalities, and delivery itself.

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